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Starting a child in the Suzuki Method requires a commitment. Our teachers are dedicated to making this experience one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do with your child and our aim is for the experience to enrich you musically and personally.Of course, there are many ways to learn music. In order to judge whether the Suzuki Method is right for you, we like you and your child to see and experience as much of the school as possible before enrolling. Bring your child to classes or come to our events and decide for yourself.

General Music Classes are a fun and creative way to introduce your child to music. There are a variety of general music classes available in any neighborhood. If your child is younger than five then we recommend you enroll in a general music class for at least a year before taking an instrument. We also  suggest that you enroll for at least a semester in a course run at SMSW since our courses are designed to help the transition into private instrumental lessons.

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While some children are able to study an instrument as young as three years of age, the vast majority of children under five are not ready for private instrumental lessons without preparatory steps. We recommend at least a year of General Music Classes for all children under five in a quality Early Childhood program. We also suggest that you expose your child to as much live and recorded music as possible.If you need advice or would like to schedule times to observe lessons and classes, please complete the contact form or

call admissions on (203) 227-9474

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