Suzuki Schools Near Me

Suzuki Schools – The Highest Quality Music Schools Near You

Looking for great music schools near you? If you live in the Westport-Orange, CT area, then you’re in luck. The top Suzuki music schools in Connecticut are available nearby. Suzuki schools offer an innovative approach to music lessons. Based on a technique created by the great Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, our programs teach children of all ages how to become great musicians.

The Suzuki method encourages students to work with their parents as well as their peers to master the craft of music. Rather than simply sitting in a stuffy orchestra room, endlessly rehearsing scales, the Suzuki method teaches music as a community experience. Students participate in weekly group lessons, as well as a private lesson that features participation from parents. Dr. Suzuki believed in what is called the “Suzuki Triangle”, a special bond formed between the child, the parent, and the instructor.

Of course, the guidance of an experienced professional is necessary to teach the technical aspect of music. But, the love and guidance of a familiar figure are also essential to the learning process. It allows the child to feel comfortable with the instructor and let his or her guard down enough to comprehend the information. It can be jarring to a child to be thrust into a situation with an unfamiliar adult. Part of the success of the Suzuki method is breaking down that barrier for kids to make music lessons a fun, comfortable process.

If you live in Connecticut and are looking for Suzuki schools near you, look no further. We have locations in Westport and Orange. We work with students of all different skill levels and families from every walk of life. Come see us today to see why we are one of the top-rated music schools near you.