Support Your Teachers

A message from Patricia Carrington

Dear Suzuki Families,


Hi!  I am Mariko Iwai, a Suzuki parent and elementary teacher.  Patricia Carrington and I are excited to launch a Suzuki Teacher Appreciation Campaign to express our gratitude to the teachers and staff at the Suzuki School who managed to keep music alive in our children’s lives during this unprecedented year.


As teachers, both Patricia and I know first hand what it was like to suddenly have to reimagine teaching and the curriculum, and become an expert on delivering instruction online. It was intense and difficult. Knowing this, I am so grateful to the Suzuki teachers for their dedication to their craft and students.  Despite all of the Covid-related challenges they must have faced, our Suzuki teachers carried on, sharing their love of music and providing continuity and positivity through weekly individual, group and ensemble lessons.  


I know that for my own family, the Suzuki School became even more important during the pandemic. The weekly violin lessons, group classes and ensembles, as well as the opportunities for Zoom master classes with world-class musicians and more, provided my daughter with much needed normalcy and continuity in a world that had suddenly shrunk. Through Suzuki, my daughter continued to grow musically and felt connected to her Suzuki community.  I am so grateful to her teachers for guiding and nurturing her during this difficult time.


While we as a nation, state, and community look forward to a more “normal” tomorrow, I hope that we can also think about helping those who may have been negatively impacted.  As you are aware, many members of the Suzuki faculty are professional musicians as well as teachers. The cancelation of performances last year has had a negative financial impact.


Patricia and I hope that we, as a Suzuki Community, can get together and show our appreciation for our Suzuki teachers by donating to the Suzuki Teacher Appreciation Campaign.  Your gift will be distributed to our Suzuki teachers in appreciation for their dedication to music education and their students.  Thank you so much!



Mariko Iwai