Suzuki Early Childhood Education (Tots Classes) - Terms of Service

Welcome to Suzuki Early Childhood Education!  We are looking forward to working together with you and your child; helping you form closer bonds and learning about music in a fun, safe environment. Our guidelines will facilitate this goal.


This is a Suzuki class:  In the Suzuki method, students learn in small steps - and we celebrate every small step. Once a skill is mastered, we add a new layer or skill to the first and build on it. In this class, we will use activities throughout the entire semester, and encourage you to use them at home as well.


This is a “partner” class:  All the activities in this class are partner activities; bowing, standing, sitting on the floor, listening, watching - you do them with your child.  If your child seems reticent, there is no need to “press” them to participate. Simply continue to participate yourself to the best of your ability, as your participation is the best encouragement to you child.  The more you participate, and the more you practice at home, the more eager to understand & participate your child will be. Once your child does participate, please assist in any way possible, until the teacher asks for the child to perform a task without you. For this reason, do not engage in any other activity during the class, for example checking emails, or using any electronic device.


This is a music class:  We will be singing, chanting, reading and reciting a variety of songs and rhymes throughout this class. The teacher will ask you and your child to use an appropriate voice level for all of these activities. There will also be a variety of hand-held classroom instruments before and after the orchestral instruments make their appearance. Equally important to musical mastery is understanding the social bonds formed by sharing music as a group. Appropriate use of these instruments is vital to the success of this program.  


This is a moving class: Children love to move, and this class is designed to include age-appropriate movement in a controlled manner; jumping, wiggling, and moving. To maintain safety in the classroom, the teacher will help children identify “their space” for these activities. If a child should veer out of their space, it is the parent’s responsibility to return their child to the safe area identified. If the teacher notices a safety issue, she will return the child to the appropriate space, and if possible, ask the parent to assist. All parents are expected to be the teacher’s partner in maintaining an appropriate learning environment.


We are delighted to have you with us and can’t wait to help you and your child grow together!

Make-up Policy: We do not offer make-ups or refunds for lessons missed by the student. Due to the heavy teaching loads of our faculty, we cannot schedule makeup lessons when a student misses a lesson, whether due to illness or pre-arranged commitments. If you know you will be missing a lesson please email your teacher or call the school and leave a message.

Missed Lesson Policy: SMSW has certain days at the end of each semester, designated as “Make-Up Week", during which teachers will makeup any lessons they may have missed during the semester. Due to the heavy teaching loads of our faculty we cannot schedule makeup lessons when a student misses a lesson, whether due to illness or pre-arranged commitments. If a lesson is cancelled by the instructor, or by SMSW for a snow emergency for example, the instructor will make every effort to reschedule the lesson for a make-up at a mutually convenient time. The instructor will offer up to three alternative times to the parent to schedule a make-up. If the parent is not able to accept the three make up times offered, the school will not be held responsible for making up the lesson.