suzuki early childhood education
Westport Spring 2020
January 27, 2020

Sound Beginnings (ages 0-3)  45 mins

Tuesday 9:30AM

Saturday 9:00 AM

Saturday 11:00 AM

Pre-Instrumental Class (preK-1st)  45 mins

Thursday 4:30PM

Saturday 10:00AM

Orange Spring 2020
January 27, 2020


Sound Beginnings (ages 0-3)  45 mins

Tuesday 3:45PM

Pre-Instrumental Class (preK-1st)  45 mins

Tuesday 4:30PM

Please call the office at 203-227-9474 to register for Suzuki Early Childhood Education classes. 

learn more about why music is so important for very young children
General Music Classes are a fun and creative way to introduce your child to music. If your child is younger than five then we recommend you enroll in a general music class for at least a year before taking an instrument. We also suggest that you enroll for at least a semester in a course run at SMSW since our courses are designed to help the transition into private instrumental lessons and are part of the Suzuki curriculum. Please read our terms of service for this class before enrolling.

sound beginnings: ages 0-3

“Learn with Love!” ….. Dr. Suzuki believed that in a loving environment, a child can learn anything. Parent and child participate in a weekly interactive music class. Parents enjoy watching their babies develop rhythmic and melodic awareness, memory and social skills. Teachers work with parents to build a repertoire of lullabies, action songs and nursery rhymes. Parents become expert observers of their own children. Children watch the actions of the parent and gradually begin to imitate them. This process is one to be enjoyed and celebrated as each new development is observed -- just as you do when your baby utters those first few words. With each semester, the child's mastery level increases, leading to higher skill levels in every area of development. The outcomes of these activities include increased vocabulary, socially acceptable behavior, sensitive group participation, and the most important skill for children at an early age - the ability to listen.

Would you like a class with your friends?

Private classes can be scheduled for groups of five or more.

pre-instrumental class: ages preK-1st grade

This parent-child class is ideal as an introduction to any Suzuki instrumental lessons, as well as an excellent opportunity to help determine which instrument your child would like to pursue; also to get professional advice as to which instrument your child may be best suited. 


Using the Suzuki repertoire, the children will learn and continue to review basic musical concepts such as steady beat and pitch, as well as be introduced to the actual Suzuki rhythms, shared by all the instruments. Over the course of a semester, each instrument offered here at SMSW will be presented for a live, hands-on demonstration.

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